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Re: FTP Probes from Taiwan/China

  • From: Gordon Ewasiuk
  • Date: Sun Sep 09 15:40:45 2001
  • X: marks the spot.

On Today, mike harrison wrote:
>> > Has anyone seen a dramatic increase in FTP probes/scans/bad stuff from
>> > certain IP blocks in Taiwan or China?  Specifically, 211/8, 61/8, and
>> > 202/7.  I'm logging over 7500 probes/hr right now.  Is there a new
>> > exploit out or something?
>> >
>> > Another network just surfaced:  210.82/15
>I am getting lots of port 80'ish scans from those IP ranges.
>and a few port 139, but I have not seen a port 21 (FTP) scan from anyone
>in the last 30 minutes... while monitoring a /19 and a /20 locally.

Apprec. the info.  Probes are falling off now.  25k in the last 6hrs
 (as of 1500hrs EST).

Not much in the grand scheme of things but more then I like.  A couple of
servers at this facility are being targeted - no sooner had I ACL'ed
one block when probes from a new block to the same targets surfaced.  In
any event, the target servers are offline pending a close inspection.

Thanks to all that responded,


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