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RE: web pages not loading (from certain networks) but not a routing issue.

  • From: Nanog
  • Date: Sat Sep 08 15:27:46 2001

It's incredibly strange...

After testing for the last 24 hours:

One thing seems constant encrypted traffic passes without problem (at normal
rates of speed).

Unencrypted traffic has problems from various networks (even when I try HTTP
on different ports).

It also seems that it's independent of Windows/IIS. We spent 7.5 hours on
the phone with Cisco Friday validating our switches, and our routers. No
problems there. Cisco thought it was Code Blue, but my tests using Unix
machines are indicating that may not be the case.

I've setup a few files to test with (they are all the same ActiveState PERL
and <--- This one works for everyone.
and <--- Unix

Any ideas?

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From: Bruce Pinsky [mailto:[email protected]]
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To: Nanog; [email protected]
Subject: Re: web pages not loading (from certain networks) but not a
routing i ssue.

At 9/7/2001 07:52 AM -0700, Nanog wrote:

>Ok guys,
>Interesting problem that seems to have started on Friday.
>Here's the deal, it seems that certain (not all) web pages on various sites
>we host are not loading for certain customers. It started on Friday with
>visitors on Verizon DSL waiting forever for pages to load.
>Yesterday and today PacBell DSL and some Netcom customers started
>This only seems to occur on HTTP traffic. If we have the visitors try HTTPS
>the pages load fine (with the normal encryption slowdown).
>We've looked at Layers 1-4, and can't see any problems, ping looks great,
>interfaces and cpus on routers, servers and switches look fine.
>It's almost like it's a transparent cache "bug". Anyone know if Inktomi, or
>any major cache vendors rolled out any new code this week?
>For that matter does anyone know what caches Verizon and SBC use for
>Other variables: it only seems to occur on IIS based systems (I know I
>no flame wars or suggestions for replacements). Although it's not happening
>on all of our IIS servers.
>Any clues are greatly appreciated.

Do they get any messages or just page hang?  I'm thinking of TCP connection 
resets particularly.

I've seen a problem before where there were two parallel paths, one with a 
cache and one without and during the loading of a webpage the path switches 
causing the enduser session to stop using the cache and attempt to hit the 
origin server.  Since the origin server is not in session, it resets.