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IDS Software

  • From: Leo Bicknell
  • Date: Fri Sep 07 22:22:54 2001

I'm starting a project for which I would like some quality IDS
software.  IMHO this opens up a whole can of worms, and will probably
start a great discussion, but that's probably good on the whole.

First, the requirements.  The IDS system must be:

* Free

* Run on FreeBSD, and/or maybe Linux.

* Allow both 'router' detection (where the host acts as a router)
  and 'passive' (where the host is simply a sniffer on a lan).

* Have a reasonable configuration system to allow common false-positives
  to be supressed.

At this point I know almost nothing about IDS systems, other than
that several companies make such products and charge huge fees for
them, and that there are a number of open-source products that have
no confirmed reputations.

Replies to the list are ok, as are private replies.  Assuming I get
something good I will summarize private replies to the list.

Leo Bicknell - [email protected]
Systems Engineer - Internetworking Engineer - CCIE 3440
Read TMBG List - [email protected],