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Re: end2end? (was: RE: Where NAT disenfranchises the end-user ...)

  • From: Andy Dills
  • Date: Fri Sep 07 19:52:41 2001

On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Leo Bicknell esoterically agitated:

> It does have some interesting implication as to who can modify data
> as well.  If a device in the middle has license to modify data in
> the middle of a data stream, what are the limits of that license?
> If my service provider uses NAT without my consent can I sue them
> for reading/changing my data?  If not, why would I be able to sue
> them if they do the same thing to e-mail?  What is the difference?

You can sue whoever you want, for whatever you want, whenever you want.

Can you show damages in the situation of email? Yes. With packets? No. And
before you come back at me with some crazy convoluted contrived scenario,
let's just realize how far off the beaten path we are at this point. If
your ISP is going to force you to use NAT, "against your will", get a new
fricking provider. For that matter, what ISP NATs you against your will?

What, do you wake up the next morning with a sore router, feeling ashamed
and hurt, telling yourself you should have known better, and wondering
where you should go first: the hospital or the police?


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