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Re: end2end? (was: RE: Where NAT disenfranchises the end-user ...)

  • From: Andy Dills
  • Date: Fri Sep 07 17:12:18 2001

On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> It also crosses an interesting legal line.  If your an ISP customer
> and it's ok for the ISP to read your data stream and alter it in
> real time to provide NAT, why wouldn't it be legal for them to read
> your e-mail in real time as it passes, and alter what you said?
> The same boxes could do it.  What makes it ok to alter an IP address
> here and there, but not alter a word?  Why are they different?

Leo, let's not get crazy here.

One is content, the other a content-delivery mechanism. Think about the
post office. It's perfectly acceptable for them to stamp a forwarded
address on the envelope to ensure it's delivery, but perfectly
unacceptable to modify the content inside.

I know you're being facetious, but come on...


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