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Re: B-STDX S/W peculiarities

  • From: Brian Wallingford
  • Date: Fri Sep 07 02:12:38 2001

Ok, to elaborate: a relatively newly-refitted (abput 6 months ago, with
B-STDX-9000's), but well-established network; very happy with general
performance at layer 2 (FR and ATM), but occasional brainfarts at layer 3
(IP) over HSSI to other core hardware, mostly Cisco.

Kindly avoid humorous anecdotes - I'd appreciate any substantive
input from those who are qualified to offer such.  On or off list.


:On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Brian Wallingford wrote:
:> Short and sweet - if anyone would be willing to discuss certain
:> peculiarities (specifically IP-based issues when interoperating w/Cisco
:> in the core), I'd appreciate a private email.  Pending responses and
:> interest, I'll summarize later.
:> cheers,
:> brian
:Ahhh... Crashcades.  Simple fix for your issues: Trade them in for
:Fore/Marconi equipment.  Works like a charm.
:John Fraizer
:EnterZone, Inc