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RE: .....routing issue?

  • From: Chris Kleban
  • Date: Wed Sep 05 16:36:06 2001
  • Sensitivity: Company-Confidential

I believe (or any for that matter) has the right to use
internal address space where ever they want. The fact that internal address
space is showing in a traceroute between you and them might mean a wide
range of things.

In this case, 'might' be using internal address space on
some(all) of their WAN links.

You <-> Internet <-> Company A Router <-> WAN Link (internal IP space) <->
Company A Router <-> Web Servers

Whether or not people should used RFC reserved IP space for WAN links is not
a discussion I wish to have.

Chris Kleban

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Hey folks,

	Has anyone tried to trace to's main page yet?  I
haven't been able to hit it, and when I try to trace down to them I end up
hitting a 10.0.30.x network, then go back to public IP' is that

	Anyone else having trouble connecting to them?

Happy Monday! (still)

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