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Re: 220v/50hz power rig

  • From: Jim Popovitch
  • Date: Wed Sep 05 15:38:11 2001


Your desktop computer (and most others) have electric motors.  No need
to be surprised or <gasp!> fearful. ;)

If you have an electric dryer, stove, or AC unit, then you more than
likely have the necessary components already.  What?, you are at the
office!  Even better, Workmans Comp will cover your upcoming hospital
visit.  What you *will* need is a good buddy w/ a baseball bat to stand
nearby and knock you off the current should you get electrocuted, but
don't worry about that, it rarely happens. <evil smirk>

Take said motor out of box, I presume that it has some attached wires,
if not find an old power cord and improvise.  Next, plug said wires
into the 220v stove/dryer/AC outlet and let the sparks fly.
<hypothetically, of course> 

Remember, rubber gloves (not the dish washing or condom type) are
fashionable for exercises like this.

Alternatively (if you are a wus, *cough*, *cough*) you could just call
a local electrician. ;)

-Jim P.

--- Randy Bush <[email protected]> wrote:
> you're gonna love this one.
> i have a piece of equipment i will be shipping to china that i want
> to test
> before i ship it over.  it has a <gasp!> electric motor!  so i need
> some
> kind of transformer/inverter setup that plugs into red blooded
> american
> 115v/60hz and can handle
>     Power requirement:  1.5 kW
>     Voltage requirement:  220 V
>     Frequency:  50/60 Hz
>     Current requirement:  10 A
>     Current protection by user:  16 A (slow blow)
>     Protection type:  IP 54
>     Processor:  C167, 20 MHz
>     Spindle motor power:  AC 380 Watts
>     Brake:  Electro-dynamic & mechanical
> any clues?  thanks.
> randy

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