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Re: Upsurge in attacks?

  • From: Todd Suiter
  • Date: Wed Sep 05 00:17:27 2001

> Well... depends on the kind fo attack. I'm actually seeing fewer large
> packet ICMP attacks than I was a couple of months ago. I'm guessing this
> is because more zombied machine have been cleared out. There are the
> normal number of scans that one might expect (bored freshmen with
> ethernet connectiosn to the fatest network they've ever seen, what would
> you do?) but, suprisingly enough the number of naive DoS attacks seems
> to be on the decline around me. I need to look at the security logs a
> little closer but I think I'm correct. I wrote our security stuff but
> I've not looked at it in almost a month now.

	Can you clarify that last bit some? You've not looked at the code? Filters? As far as freshhmen with 'phat pipe', in this day and age, I expect a little
restraint and common sense, but we _are_, generally speaking, talking  about American college students. Neither of which seem to be in great supply.