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RE: Digex and Akamai are raping the ARIN whois database

  • From: chuck goolsbee
  • Date: Tue Sep 04 22:51:01 2001

Nothing like the smell of spam in the morning - coming to you through the
"benevolent" acts of Akamai and Digex - sent to POC handles blatantly stolen
from ARIN's whois database.
Did it come to an address *only* used with ARIN? I realize that is a stupid question, but it has to be asked.

Yo, Digex:
Tell them, not us. I'd call their marketing dept, sales dept, whatever and give them a piece of your mind. However, by odd coincidence I can fill you in on some background info:

from=<[email protected]>, <snip>
Well I *can* confirm for you that 'Innovyx' is a spamhaus.

I unfortunately worked for their parent company several years ago, until I got a clue and bailed. 'Innovyx' spun off just before I left, and unfortunately my name (with an ancient low-number personal NIC handle... remmber those?) was on their WHOIS records, both at NSI and ARIN, for way too long. I got endlessly harrassed by pissed off people, until my attorney reminded their attorney about the agreement we all signed when we settled.

They haven't updated their own ARIN WHOIS data <>, so there is at least one human listed there you *can* harass... however he isn't the one who can do anything for you. Ping me off-list if you want the names of the guilty. You *really need* to contact Digex & Akamai, as they were actually foolish enough to *pay* Innovyx good money to harass you.

P.T. Barnum *was* right.

> [censored]
> Received-Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 11:4x:xx -0400 (EDT)
> Received: from ( [] (may be forged))
I hope 'shiner' isn't the 'shiner' I set up. Sad to hear of a good host used for evil purposes... <sigh>

They (innovyx) seem to have moved out of the frying pan (UUnet) and into the fire (Winstar) though.

But wait...
heh... looks like a "poor mans' BGP"??? with multiple IPs on every host? Their ARIN records indicate UUnet address space, but your mail points to Winstar ones...

Start: 9/4/01 7:21:03 PM
Find route from:
to: (, Max 30 hops, 40 byte packets
Host Names truncated to 32 bytes
1 ( ): 1ms 0ms 0ms
2 ( ): 1ms 1ms 1ms
3 ( ): 1ms 1ms 1ms
4 ( ): 4ms 2ms 2ms
5 ( 3ms 4ms 3ms
6 ( ): 3ms 3ms 3ms
7 ( ): 7ms!U * 9ms!U
*Trace completed*

Unreachable. Maybe they are leaving UU for less green pastures. Or maybe their DNS is all screwed up...

Start: 9/4/01 7:21:12 PM
Find route from:
to: (, Max 30 hops, 40 byte packets
Host Names truncated to 32 bytes
1 ( ): 1ms 0ms 1ms
2 ( ): 1ms 1ms 1ms
3 ( ): 2ms 2ms 2ms
4 ( ): 2ms 2ms 2ms
5 ( ): 3ms 3ms 7ms
6 ( ): 22ms 22ms 20ms
7 ( ): 20ms 20ms 21ms
8 ( ): 44ms 36ms 57ms
9 ( ): 51ms 37ms 39ms
10 ( ): 61ms 61ms 56ms
11 ( ): 62ms 62ms 65ms
12 ( ): 64ms 61ms 62ms
* Trace completed 9/4/01 7:21:15 PM *

So either their DNS, or their routing, or *both* are completely fsck'ed. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch.


> We're sending you this invitation because we received your e-mail
> address from one of our marketing partners. If you'd like to receive
> future emails, please click here:
Groan. See, it *is* opt-in!


> Not confirming your interest automatically leaves you unsubscribed and
> we will not send you future emails. Additionally, each issue you receive
> as a subscriber will contain unsubscription instructions.
Jeez, it's like a frikkin man-trap. Yes, you will only receive one mail about *this* 'event, but no way of ever permanently removing you address?

These guys are in Washington state, which does have a pretty good anti-spam law. You might want to see if they are toeing the line here or stepping over it.

Given that this is not even trivially operational, I'm dropping back into lurk mode now...


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