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Re: Digex and Akamai are raping the ARIN whois database

  • From: Avi Freedman
  • Date: Tue Sep 04 21:12:00 2001

In article <[email protected]> you wrote:

: On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Avi Freedman wrote:

: Avi,

: In my last message I said good things about you. Please don't make me take
: them back.

: You can't purchase an opt-in list. Period.

Let's just take it off-list.  Let's just say that I reject religious
oversimplifications, whether it's about spam 'there are no acceptable
opt-in lists' (I've subscribed to a few, though generally with separate
mailing address) - or routing 'multihoming is bad and hurts you' (rarely
aregues except by those with a financial incentive to do so).  Don't
get me started on OSs, though...  There may be FAR more than a kernel
of truth, but blanket statements go against my grain...

In any case, re: Akamai, we managed to convince marketing that the benefit 
of even what I'd call 'legit' list-based marketing aren't worth it,
so the rest is just semantics and probably, as you said, not really
on-topic for NANOG.