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Re: e-mail list use at Akamai, followup

  • From: Dave Stewart
  • Date: Tue Sep 04 18:28:29 2001

At 05:19 PM 9/4/2001, Avi Freedman wrote:
1) Akamai won't be using any lists in the future to do e-mail marketing.
   That's a firm commitment that we're prepared to make.  Anyone doing
   so will be terminated.

2) Akamai's policy has been and remains that no Akamai salespeople are
   to e-mail potential customers unless they've been given permission
   to do so by a human.  Violations have led, and will lead, to termination.
As it should be. If only every company could be big enough to stand up and say "We made a mistake, we learned from that mistake and we'll strive never to do it again."

I, for one, applaud this.