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Re: Upsurge in attacks?

  • From: Eric Whitehill
  • Date: Tue Sep 04 18:05:29 2001

I've just noticed the normal upsurge in traffic from the returning
students. Universities complaining they don't have enough b/w when they
are trying to force 8MB worth of traffic down a couple of t-1's.  No major
attacks that I have seen on my network so far.  But then again, this is
only the first day of classes for students in my state (MN) - let's see
what the rest of the week brings when all the students get their computers
on the LAN's.

Im just waiting for all the kids to find the latest and greatest
bandwith-chewing-le's-get-my-warez-pr0n-server tools.


> Has anyone else noticed an upsurge in unsophisticated [packet flood, etc]
> attacks since college kids have to their own devices in dorms again this
> year?