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Re: Cisco and Juniper Inter-Operability Issues ???

  • From: Vincent Gillet
  • Date: Sat Sep 01 05:07:29 2001

[email protected] disait :

> As far as the OC3c goes, You may want to preconfigure all the VPIs
> you'll ever have in advance if you can.  Anytime you reconfigure them,
> the Juniper does a reset of the SAR to reallocate memory to the VPIs. 
> This will cause all your ATM circuits on that interface to bounce.

Other issue for European folks is the framing used on POS OC3 interfaces.
Framing is defined for the PIC thus all 4 OC3 ports are either sonet
or SDH (European framing).

This is an issue as some carriers provide SDH framing, other (mostly US based)
prefers sonet for back2back.

We have to provision OC3 ports with both framing.