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RE: Is anyone using GILAT's "Spacenet" service

  • From: Dennis Hartmann
  • Date: Fri Aug 31 23:25:08 2001

   Is Spacenet one of their business satellite services?  I'm a user of the
Starband service and I get pretty good speeds and feeds on the satellite,
although telnet is a drag.  Starband uses a page accelerator technology that
greatly increases performance.  The following link has a good technical
explanation of the HPA host page acceleration and the RPA remote page


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The data has to bounce off the satellite 22,600 miles up, a not trivial
distance ( ~1000-2000). Course they could lower that to ~500-1000 if they
cache on the sat. :)


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> 500ms RTT which I do not believe.

Try more like 500-2000

I've been on both Telstar 7 and GE satellites in their network and it's

NOC/CS is a pain to work with.

Major problem though.  Not only do you have to deal with RAIN fade at
your locations, but they only have one uplink facility and when they get
"covered" everyone in the network is dead.  They have no back-up's.

You have to RPA/HPA (proxy) all your HTML traffic and E-Mail, FTP,
TELNET are VERY SLOW since it doesn't use their HTML proxy.

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