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RE: multi-homing fixes

  • From: Tony Hain
  • Date: Fri Aug 31 17:41:11 2001

Sean M. Doran wrote:

> Let me take some of your text out of context and agree with it fully:
> [A permanently stable holes-in-CIDR-blocks environment exists]
> | Only if there is a limit on the number of ISPs. I don't think there 
> | is such a [practical rather than absolute] limit
> The problem with metro-based addressing is that the statement
> above is equally true for it as for PA addressing.

Understanding the truth in that general statement, 
I would like to know if anyone sees a significant
difference in the number of holes created by each 
approach. Handwaving can go either way, so the 
question is given real topologies and multi-homing
goals, is there enough difference in the number
of holes created to bias the approach? 

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