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Re: What is the limit? (was RE: multi-homing fixes)

  • From: Christian Nielsen
  • Date: Thu Aug 30 15:21:02 2001

>  >Should there be a limit of 1 of these assignments made per 'entity', with
>  >renumbering occurring if further address space is required ?
> For clarification, the current proposal did not specify any limitation
> on the number of such assignments.
> What would be the motivation for this?

I would say, to keep the tables from growing. Either have them renumber
into another 'larger' space or allow them to grow into a larger space.

micro allocations are a good thing (tm) if they are done right.

>  >If so should we consider reserving the next larger block for a period of
>  >time, to account for possible growth ?
> No reservations will be made. It is generally assumed that applicants
> will be paying a one-off service fee, rather than an ongoing
> membership based fee. This is in fact identical to the way that PI
> assignments can currently be obtained. The proposal restricts the
> assignments to (about to be) multihomed orgs.

ok, if this is the case, have them renumber to keep the number of
announcements down.

>  >Should 'small multi-homing' assignments be made from a specific (defined)
>  >netblock ?
> I think there is a choice here. We can use "swamp" space, found mostly
> in 202/8 which by definition does not contain large ranges of address
> space, or we can take a range from the less "swampy" space ie. 218/8
> and use that. My feeling is that it would be better to use the 202/8
> range.

right. but what ever space is used, publish it so those of us that have
filters can adjust for it. :)