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  • From: David Barak
  • Date: Thu Aug 30 11:42:26 2001

Charles Sprickman wrote:
>The internet is different now, there's no            
>comparison to what it was in '94 or '96.  Those
>episodes were more                                   
>embarrasments than anything else.  Would UUNet or ATT
>or Genuity think                                     
>twice about upgrading routers if there was impending
>danger of a lack of                                  
>memory or cpu?                                       
In this market, with capital expenditures WAY down, I
would expect non-upgrade solutions to be more likely. 
>Can a small ISP in Florida still clobber the whole
>internet?  Learning experiences, that's all...  

You'd be surprised at the number of substantive ISPs
who can be impacted by customer mistakes...

David Barak
"Quis custodes ipsos custodiet?" - Juvenal 

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