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Re: What is the limit? (was RE: multi-homing fixes) (fwd)

  • From: Larry Sheldon
  • Date: Thu Aug 30 06:25:53 2001

> > > Err. Water and electricvity make a dangerous mix.
> > 
> > Ya.  My air handling systems seem to deal with it OK.
> They are kept in different places.  Now think how are you going to combine
> hot-swappability and water cooling, and not let moisture to get out :)

I don't recall seeing any mops around when the CE's replaced a board
on the 1100/90's.  They were not "hot-swappable"--but nobody had thought
of _that_ as a good marketing drool.  We had "redundant" equipment and
took the broken one off-line to work on it.


> As soon as you do liquid cooling the price goes up an order of magnitude.
> This is as simple as that.

Be interesting to know where that came from.  Particularly when you consider
the "liquid-cooled" versus "can't do it" costs.

> My take is that the real answer is to move from heavy, sticky electrons to
> photons; the trick is to get them to interact in useful ways :)

Had your finger on an operating LASER lately?