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Re: What is the limit? (was RE: multi-homing fixes)

  • From: Charles Sprickman
  • Date: Thu Aug 30 02:23:04 2001

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Sean M. Doran wrote:

> Thus, the routing system FAILED twice: once because of memory, once
> because of processor power.

I think this says a lot more about what we expect now versus what we
expected then.

1994:  You could still run a usenet server with less than 10 gigs of
storage...  14.4 modems still in use...  MCI and Sprint were still
wondering if this expensive toy would go anywhere.  In short, the first
failure was a catastrophe for a small number of people.

1996: 28.8 modem, and I recall UUNet sucking and sucking and sucking in
the little market I call home, NYC.

In short, we expect better performance now, and if either of these
problems were to resurface tomorrow, most of the people running "real"
networks would find a way to work around both problems.  Too many
prefixes?  I know Randy knows a way to fix that.  You're running 7000's in
your core?  Shame on you.  The internet is different now, there's no
comparison to what it was in '94 or '96.  Those episodes were more
embarrasments than anything else.  Would UUNet or ATT or Genuity think
twice about upgrading routers if there was impending danger of a lack of
memory or cpu?

Can a small ISP in Florida still clobber the whole internet?  Learning
experiences, that's all...


> 	Sean.