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Re: What is the limit? (was RE: multi-homing fixes)

  • From: Greg A. Woods
  • Date: Wed Aug 29 15:05:51 2001

[ On Wednesday, August 29, 2001 at 10:06:48 (-0400), Leo Bicknell wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: What is the limit? (was RE: multi-homing fixes)
> Don't even get me started on the discussion of why they were custom
> designing a board for the route processor, when there are off the
> shelf motherboards, or if it must fit in a form factor, motherboard
> designs that would be less costly for them, use all off the shelf
> parts, and would allow them to bring things to market quicker.

Take a look inside a Juniper router -- you should be pleasantly
surprised by the very standard CompacPCI processor board you'll find
inside of it that, among a few other things, does the route
processing....  and it's running mostly stock FreeBSD no less....  even
with a root prompt you can get at!

> There was no reason for those past failures.  It was a combination
> of bean counters, cluelessness, and lazyness.

Interestingly some of the Juniper engineers are ex-Cisco from what I know....

>  The routing table
> is growing slower than the number of lines of code in Windows, and
> god help us if we can make Windows "work" we should be able to do
> some simple routing.

Aint that the truth!

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