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RE: multi-homing fixes

  • From: Roeland Meyer
  • Date: Wed Aug 29 04:20:27 2001

|> From: Jonathan Disher [mailto:[email protected]]
|> Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 1:11 AM
|> > A BGP route seems to take approximately 155 bytes (based 
|> on "show ip
|> > route summary" on a convenient GSR; YMMV).  So a singe BGP 
|> route, at
|> > $1000 per 128 meg (that is, at the absurd markup a vendor might
|> > charge), you're looking 1/8 of a cent per route per router.  That
|> > doesn't count memory for a separate forwarding table; still, we're
|> > not talking about a billable amount per router.
|> You've forgotten CPU time (I've heard stories from my boss, 
|> who swear's
|> he's older than dirt, of the days when people used to pay 
|> five, even ten
|> whole dollars (wow Wally!) for the privilege of sitting in front of a
|> teletype to type things in and get stuff spit out), 
|> $neteng's time to sit
|> and type "sh ip rou x.y.z.0" or "sh ip bgp regexp xxxxx" to 
|> check for the
|> existence of the prefix, and the labor to prepare, print, 
|> and mail the
|> bill.  The stamp alone, for a US destination, is a whole 34 cents!
|> </sarcasm!>


Along with micro-allocations comes the issue of micro-payments. It costs ten
times the face amount to cut a 50 cent check.