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RE: multi-homing fixes

  • From: Jonathan Disher
  • Date: Wed Aug 29 04:12:28 2001

> A BGP route seems to take approximately 155 bytes (based on "show ip
> route summary" on a convenient GSR; YMMV).  So a singe BGP route, at
> $1000 per 128 meg (that is, at the absurd markup a vendor might
> charge), you're looking 1/8 of a cent per route per router.  That
> doesn't count memory for a separate forwarding table; still, we're
> not talking about a billable amount per router.

You've forgotten CPU time (I've heard stories from my boss, who swear's
he's older than dirt, of the days when people used to pay five, even ten
whole dollars (wow Wally!) for the privilege of sitting in front of a
teletype to type things in and get stuff spit out), $neteng's time to sit
and type "sh ip rou x.y.z.0" or "sh ip bgp regexp xxxxx" to check for the
existence of the prefix, and the labor to prepare, print, and mail the
bill.  The stamp alone, for a US destination, is a whole 34 cents!



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