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Re: multi-homing

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Tue Aug 28 21:12:53 2001

[email protected] (steve uurtamo) writes:

> is _your_ router going to explode if my /24 gets added to your table?  of
> course not.  your main concern is that your router explodes if _too_ many
> people's prefixes, of whatever size, get added to your table.  this is, i
> think, a good thing to worry about, but it's a little early to be worrying.

i think that absent the worrying that's already gone on, from way back
before CIDR when BGPv3 was classful, is the only reason you can still
say it's "early."

alas, doomsayers who are taken seriously in their own time, that is,
early enough for their prophesies to be treated as foresight and acted
upon preventatively, are often called unstable sky-is-falling cranks in
the history books.  (witness the Y2K debacle if CIDR doesn't excite you.)