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Re: multi-homing fixes

  • From: hardie
  • Date: Tue Aug 28 16:42:16 2001

drc writes:
> Micro-allocations and filtering are treating symptoms.  The underlying 
> disease (rational route announcement policy) 

I agree with David's analysis of the problem right up to this point;
from my pespective the underlying disease is the route
convergence/routing table growth issue.  The route announcement
policy's rationality has to be judged in the light of this greater
pathology.  It *is* the real problem, though, and we have to keep it
in mind to understand that any invocation of market forces, draconian
filters, or community-mindedness only delays the progress of the
underlying pathology.  In a sense, they too are symptoms, however
rational they may appear in today's lights.

Or as Randy puts, we're playing whack-a-mole here, and we're doing it
knowing it only buys us time.

The underlying problem is real, and it will take time to develop a
real solution.  Encourage your vendors to participate in the
appropriate working groups, tell them you'll spend money on products
that fix it, and be ready as an operator to help debug potential
solutions.  It's important.

End of pleading....

(Not speaking for Equinix; speaking for David.  No wait, I meant *to* David.)