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Re: multi-homing fixed

  • From: Charles Sprickman
  • Date: Tue Aug 28 14:29:50 2001

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Alex Pilosov wrote:

> FWIW: You can get a DSL provisioned through Verizon DSLAMs via many
> different ISPs (they vary per LATA). Many of them (cough) offer
> business-class services (subnets, VPN/IPSEC).

Until Verizon pulls an SBC on you and forces all your clients to connect
through a "broadband gateway" that lets them sell other services directly
to YOUR customer through that pipe...

See and,4164,2787113,00.html


> Chain goes like this: (In most states, example given in VZ and SBC area)
> ILEC (Verizon/SBC) sells physical copper lines to
> 	DILEC (VADI/ADI) who provides "Layer 2" service to
>     		ILEC's ISP (Verizon Online DSL)
> 		Many other ISPs.
> Legally (again, in most states), DLEC arm of ILEC is not allowed to
> provide layer 3 service, and is obligated to sell the service to all ISPs
> including ILEC-affiliated ISP on equal terms.
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