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Re: multi-homing fixed

  • From: Rachel Warren
  • Date: Tue Aug 28 13:40:50 2001

> > A bomb threat is definately something to worry about, though.
> Once upon a time, while talking with a customer about a particular LA
> datacenter's fault tolerant features (you know, generators, UPS, HVAC,
> diverse fiber entrances, etc...), they very calmly asked me what
> procedures we had in place in the event that a major earthquake struck
> the southland and dropped LA into the ocean or otherwise put the city
> underwater. I told them very bluntly that if an earthquake of that
> magnitude were to hit LA, I would *not* be overly concerned with their
> servers/circuit/etc., assuming I was still breathing. They were quite
> taken aback. ;)

I guess I should have been more clear.  I'm not talking about nuclear bombs.
I was talking about regular explosives (for lack of better wording) - pipe 
bombs and the latter.  The type of quake you are talking about is up in the 
nuclear-bomb stratosphere, and that's not something that would keep me up 
at night worrying.

Plus, I live on the east coast.  We don't have to worry about these
things called earthquakes for the most part.  ;-)


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