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Re: multi-homing fixed

  • From: Howard C. Berkowitz
  • Date: Tue Aug 28 13:03:42 2001

Did you see where [email protected] is in bad financial shape and expected to run out
of cash within months.

Yep. And Verizon, the ILEC, doesn't seem to understand the concept of needing a subnet -- their xDSL is host-only (I have stories about that).

And trying to call some of the more established ISPs (Verio, UUnet, etc.) to get a quote on frac T1 or FR access gets a salesdroid that doesn't seem to listen to what I am saying.

Among other things, that proposing a Cisco router to a Nortel employee probably isn't the best strategy. That I really am not interested in web services. That I want to know about service response times (SLAs being too much to expect).

Ironically, I have far more experience with Cisco gear than Nortel, since I'm in advanced technology and don't work daily with the current products. But then the Ciscos proposed are far more expensive than models that would do the job perfectly well.

"Howard C. Berkowitz" wrote:


 In the meantime, I have DSL from CAIS, with Covad as the CLEC. Covad
 is in Chapter 11. I've also ordered @home cable to come in for next
 week, and I'm trying to scrounge a multiple-Ethernet router to set up
 alternate connectivity. (Note that I work for a router vendor, so I
 can't go and do something as simple as mail-order a router). @home
 doesn't seem to be in much better financial shape.