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Re: multi-homing fixes

  • From: Valdis.Kletnieks
  • Date: Tue Aug 28 03:10:13 2001

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001 21:59:51 PDT, Patrick Greenwell said:
> > so the world should pay because you won't choose a reliable/reasonable
> > provider?
> Please provide a definitive list of such providers.

Sturgeon's Law applies here too.

/Valdis (who spent part of last night being amazed at an OC-3 that
was showing 15000ms packet delays.  On a terrestrial link.  From a
big-name provider. Yes, there's 3 zeros in that.  No, the router on
our end of the OC-3 doesn't have THAT much buffer space - that's why
I was amazed)