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Re: multi-homing fixes

  • From: Craig Pierantozzi
  • Date: Tue Aug 28 01:53:45 2001

* Thus spake David Schwartz ([email protected]):

> 	The quesetion is bogus, there is no such thing as a right to have a route
> in my router without paying me for it. If I choose to extend that privilege
> to people who meet certain minimum requirements because I believe the
> benefits will outweight the costs, then that's *my* right. All others can
> pay me to do it if they want me to. Your rights end at my network.
> 	DS

I agree that there is no 'right' to have a route in someone else's router.  
Different providers, different policies etc. etc.  However, if I choose 
to filter on allocation boundaries but advertise prefixes to peers that 
I myself would filter based on my own policy is that considered 
hypocritical?  Bad form?  Acceptable?  Just wondering aloud.