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Re: Policy Routing

  • From: Travis Pugh
  • Date: Sun Aug 26 02:00:18 2001

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Subject: Re: Policy Routing

> I've had the same sort of thing proposed.  If the customer knows in
> advance that you're going to send all their traffic through your cheapest
> peer/transit path available, what's the problem?  They get what they pay
> for...and for this sort of service, they'd obviously be paying noticably
> less than best path routed customers.

full disclosure, no problem.  I've never personally seen a sales rep go in
and disclose something like this, and the original message was worded in
such a way ("[my] upper management has proposed that I route company X's
Internet traffic via a specific NSP ..") that did not indicate the customer
had any idea what was being proposed.