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Re: Policy Routing

  • From: Travis Pugh
  • Date: Sun Aug 26 00:55:04 2001

From: "John Fraizer"
Subject: Re: Policy Routing

> I would be very upset if I were "Company X" and I found out that you were
> policy-routing my traffic to the "cheap" connection vs the best
> connection.
> Is it just me or do others on the list believe that in the absence of full
> disclosure this would be shady at best?

I had the exact same thing proposed to me at one point or another in a
different life, and refused outright.  If the salespeople in question are
like most, they've already hyped the quality of whatever transit circuits
the SP in question has ... even if it hasn't been specifically mentioned,
piping a given customer's traffic out your cheapest transit point is
something I'd consider ethically questionable.  I'm sure the customer won't
appreciate it either.


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> John Fraizer
> EnterZone, Inc