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Re: multi-homing fixes

  • From: Christopher A. Woodfield
  • Date: Sat Aug 25 10:11:06 2001

IIRC, the IPv6 address string includes a field for your AS number. I don't 
recall the bit length of that field, though.

(in addition to a field designating what PLANET you're on...)


> Rather than allocate AS numbers as we do today, why not make an AS
> simply be a globally unique 32 bit number, and establish a convention
> that AS numbers must come from a customer's netblock?  That is, if
> I'm assigned, I could pick as my "AS" number
> (or for that matter) and I just start announcing it.
> The thought is many providers prefix filter routing announcements.
> The same filter could be applied to AS numbers.  Networks would
> never have to 'allocate' ASN's (sorry arin, no $500 for you), and
> if they needed two they would just need 2 IP addresses.  The global
> uniqueness is still guaranteed, and the owner can be tracked (via
> IP allocation, of course).
> Right now the up-sides and down-sides I know about cancel out in my
> view, so I can't put this forth as a proposal I support at the moment,
> but perhaps with some discussion I can be moved to the firmly a bad
> idea or firmly a good idea camp.
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