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Re: multi-homing fixes

  • From: Vijay Gill
  • Date: Thu Aug 23 19:23:20 2001

Daniel Hagerty <[email protected]> writes:

>     Please don't confuse "I need more than one pipe into the internet"
> with "my organization must place its prefixes into the default free
> zone".
>     It is possible to effectively use multiple pipes into many ISPs
> without the cost to all of us that introducing your prefix into the
> DFZ has.

I am all ears as to how you propose I achieve provider independence
without introducing my prefix(es) into the DFZ.

eg, say I am connected to two upstreams, I would like to still
continue reachability with the global net in case of failure of one of
the upstreams (as wide failure), or a failure of an upstream POP
(which happens to be the only one in my LATA) from one of the