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RE: XTNS launch alternate domain name system

  • From: doug
  • Date: Thu Aug 23 18:49:02 2001

They were a small government contracting company (belt-way bandit for those in
the Washington DC area) with contracts having to do with the running of IBM MVS
data centers. The NSF contract was "won" like any other. I am sure there are
reading of this list that could supply more (ancient) history.

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Mike Batchelor wrote:

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> > It never ceases to amaze me that people will create business models around
> > selling products that should be worth nothing...
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> > joelja
> You mean companies like Network Solutions, nee Verisign?  What did NSI do
> before they got the NSF contract way back when?  Did they actually have a
> line of business that did not rely on the registry, at some point in the
> distant past (prior to the Chixulub impact)?  Or was the company formed just
> to service and exploit the NSF contract?
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