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Re: Ethernet NAPs (was Re: Miami ...)

  • From: RJ Atkinson
  • Date: Thu Aug 23 12:12:14 2001

At 11:14 23/08/01, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>On a GigE interface with jumbo frames where the other side on the
>same ethernet might not support jumbo frames that is probably not
>the case. The packet will simply get dropped and the sender will
>never know why it was dropped.

        Folks sending anything larger than IEEE standard frame sizes
on any Ethernet need to be sure to re-configure all the equipment
accordingly and test the whole subnet out thoroughly.  For now, 
there seems to be no substitute for that (and yes, it is 
a fair bit of work).  As near as I can tell, all switches ship
with IEEE-standard MTU as the default, so require manual operator
reconfiguration to support any larger frame size.

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