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Re: Measuring PoP to PoP latency--tools to use?

  • From: Jake Khuon
  • Date: Wed Aug 22 20:57:10 2001
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### On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 17:38:25 -0700, k claffy <[email protected]> casually
### decided to expound upon [email protected] the following thoughts about
### "Re: Measuring PoP to PoP latency--tools to use?":

kc> how many ISPs use this and [how] do they
kc> find it helps them operationally?

I don't know any ISPs that us it.  I imagine some enterprise networks do.  I
played around with it in anticipation for using it to measure jitter but
found it of limited usefulness because if you have to deploy a box to do
localised collection of the data anyways you may as well run a better jitter
probe from that unix box.

kc> it has been around for years, during which time
kc> i have heard no actual data wrt its operational utility,
kc> reckon that cisco would be responsive
kc> to ISP suggestions for improvements to it

I thought I read somewhere that Cisco was planning on dropping RTR from the
featuresets.  Then again, I may have just imagined that.

kc> (if other router vendors have similar functionality
kc> they should probably speak up;
kc> we can put such features in the caida tool taxonomy)


kc> maybe a nanog panel on provider experiences/caveats
kc> on any of such vendor-provided functionality 
kc> is not a terrible idea.
kc> mod all the anxiety involved in sharing such experiences

I remember at one time that on-the-router measurement features were kinda
frowned upon.  At least that's the general feeling I got from people.  Has
this attitude reversed?

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