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Re: Ethernet NAPs (was Re: Miami ...)

  • From: RJ Atkinson
  • Date: Wed Aug 22 20:50:21 2001

At 19:43 22/08/01, Leo Bicknell wrote:
>_ALL_ devices on a layer-2 fabric need to have the same MTU.  That
>means if there are any FastEthernet or Ethernet connected members
>1500 bytes is it.  It also means if you pick a larger value (4470,
>9k) _ALL_ members must use the same value.

Only devices exchanging frames with each other need have the same
MTU.  One could easily imagine one 802.1q VLAN with MTU N and
a different 802.1q VLAN with MTU Y all on the same switch, 
to give a trivial example.  Some exchanges already use VLANs
with their GigE switches for a variety of business reasons.

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