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Re: Measuring PoP to PoP latency--tools to use?

  • From: k claffy
  • Date: Wed Aug 22 20:42:37 2001

On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 06:08:15PM +0200, Adam Obszynski wrote:
  > What tools exist that will periodically log into multiple routers and run
  > ping tests
  > to various destinations and then record the results in graphical form?
  maybe the RTR cisco router feature for sonde-like probing ?
  Response Time Reporter:

how many ISPs use this and [how] do they
find it helps them operationally?

it has been around for years, during which time
i have heard no actual data wrt its operational utility,
reckon that cisco would be responsive
to ISP suggestions for improvements to it

(if other router vendors have similar functionality
they should probably speak up;
we can put such features in the caida tool taxonomy)

maybe a nanog panel on provider experiences/caveats
on any of such vendor-provided functionality 
is not a terrible idea.
mod all the anxiety involved in sharing such experiences