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RE: Measuring PoP to PoP latency--tools to use?

  • From: Przemyslaw Karwasiecki
  • Date: Wed Aug 22 12:21:28 2001

I wrote a Perl script using SNMP to collect data from 
cisco RPING probes. It is storing and visualizing it later
using RRD libraries.

I am perfectly aware that ICMP echo is not really an efficient 
way to measure network latency. It is rather 'IOS kernel ICMP 
response' latency monitor.... I had no time to use SAA yet, 
which is probably better. 
If you are interested in my script drop me a note and I will 
forward it to you.


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Subject: Measuring PoP to PoP latency--tools to use?

What tools exist that will periodically log into multiple routers and run
ping tests
to various destinations and then record the results in graphical form?

I am trying to avoid writing an expect script to do this.

I want to set up something that records semi-live data to produce
a web page similar to:

The map portion of the graphic may be too fancy. A simple grid similar to
might be better:

Any suggestions as to what tools to investigate would be greatly
I browsed the nanog archives as well as hits so far.