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MPLS TE/GB-TE tunnel traffic priority against normal traffic

  • From: Yu Ning
  • Date: Mon Aug 20 21:20:05 2001

Hi nanog,

When MPLS TE is partially deployed in an AS, in a given interface, there is coexistence
between TE tunnel traffic, and normally per-hop routed traffic. Since the TE tunnel bandwidth
was "booked" in advance via RSVP, I wonder if this part of TE bandwidth promise can be kept
strictly by the router via build-in queuing mechanism when actually tunnel traffic comes in?
Or on the contrary, the bandwidth reservation is only an planning step, no actual priority
queuing protection on them against normal traffic ? 

If normal MPLS-TE didn't handle my question, will Cisco's new GB-TE(two pools) handle
it ?

Note, my question is different from the 8 preemption levels defined in MPLS-TE, the 
8 preemption priority is used at the admission control phase, not when actual traffic 
comes in.

thanks for any input.

Yu Ning

(Mr.) Yu Ning, Chief Engineer
ChinaNET(AS4134) Sr. Sup.& New Sev. R&D
Internet Product Dep. DCB, China Telecom
Beijing, P.R.China +86-10-62072357/62072354