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Re: Routescience?

  • From: Vaul Pixie
  • Date: Mon Aug 20 21:06:38 2001

Is anyone out there familiar with a company called "routescience"?  I
caught the below press release at and wanted to find out if anyone can
relay any real-world experiences with their system?  It almost sounds
like they are using something like a Keynote Systems performance
monitoring tool to inject BGP path preference information.
I'd put my money on yet another in a long line of optimized routing
frauds. Let us not forget the quality internet routing that has been
brought to us by Savvis, InterNap, Opnix, and AboveNet's ASAP. Who could
forget all their wonderful phrases like "Tier 0" and "routing around the
congestion". Routing around the brain cells is more like it.

Now we have a whole new breed of .bombs who's goal is to sell you
something which will magically improve your corporate T1s. If they spent
1/2 as much time actually coming up with a product as they have spent
marketing their bullshit, they might be worth looking at.

The only interesting thing to come out of these companies so far is the
ability to change their business plans and names at the drop of a hat.

Speedtrak -> Route Science
iVMG      -> netVmg
iPeer     -> Method Networks
Arriva    -> Sockeye

Does anyone else see a pattern?

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