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2 BGP links with different path to the same ASes question

  • From: Adam Obszynski
  • Date: Mon Aug 20 11:55:56 2001

Hello nanog,

  Supose that we got network:

  AS 1 ---- iBGP ---- AS 1
   | link 1            |  link 2
   |                   |
  AS 2 ---- iBGP ---- AS 2

and now, we want on one of those links (link 1) - setup only peering session
and on (link 2) - start normaln internet tranis
and if we pay for internet transit and not pay for peering,
our idea is:

- send peering IP packets via link1
- send packets from internet via link2

only way that i can see is the usage of source-route

PS: assume that networks of AS1 and AS2 are big and meshed networks
and there is need for set up a lot of acls and routemaps
and take them all up of date!

any better hints ?
Adam Obszyński