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Re: cisco IOS bug/exploit?

  • From: Jeff Gehlbach
  • Date: Mon Aug 20 10:59:41 2001

On Mon, Aug 20, 2001 at 10:42:03AM -0400, Jim Mercer wrote:
> i have a couple 2501's holding up a T1 line.
> static routing config, no RIP/OSPF/BGP, no httpd.
> router A is Version 11.0(16)
> router B is Version 11.1(5)
> starting saturday night, i noticed that snmp queries were failing to one
> or both of the routers at various points.
> i tried to log into the routers, but telnet was failing.
> using the console access to one of the units, i found that memory was
> exhausted.

This is an old IOS bug affecting 2500s.  Not sure of the range of IOS
images with the bug present.  I had to work on a massive field recall
a couple years ago (engineering-issued, not Cisco-issued) to upgrade the
flash in these things so that we could slap a 12.x IOS on them.

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