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RE: trolled! (Re: Code Red 2 Erratication)

  • From: up
  • Date: Sun Aug 19 12:39:06 2001

On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Joe Blanchard wrote:

> Nuff said, 
> 	I'm tired of getting email from net.kook as well. Sorry all but the
> thought is that sending back a few packets to a Victimizing system is bad
> has got me mad. Sorry to have wasted packets on this. 

50MB is "a few packets"?  Quite a few...and if you have modest sized
pipes, you could just end of DoSing yourself...a T1 would be saturated for
four and a half minutes per request.

> > NOTHING I have offered that is not already known. You come to my website,
> > ask for a file (default.ida) and I send it to you, Wheres the DOS in that?

Who comes to your website?  The worm, not the hapless (ok, and somewhat
clueless) victim.

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