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trolled! (Re: Code Red 2 Erratication)

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Sun Aug 19 06:19:06 2001

On Sun, Aug 19, 2001 at 02:49:05AM -0700, Joe Blanchard wrote:
> Who was/is talking about a DOS??? I wasn't. Your impling that my fix (which
> doesn't work and I've gotten many responses about having "tried that")
> causes a DOS. Um, Please re-evaluate the data I have shared. There is
> NOTHING I have offered that is not already known. You come to my website,
> ask for a file (default.ida) and I send it to you, Wheres the DOS in that? 
> Legal or not, Um, next case... 

[.. fragment of private thread deleted ..]


The answers are in your inbox.  I'm signing off from this thread now, it's 
gotten just a little too surreal for me after we've been discussing this 
for the past several hours in a private thread.

Joe, you win.  I'm such an idiot for once again being trolled by a net.kook.  
Please, somebody turn up the noise level (another spam flame war, yes? please?)
to drown out the pain before the rest of the NANOG flame horde chimes in.  Is 
there a cure for this or is it terminal? :^) 

Foolishly trolled,

Christian Kuhtz <[email protected]> -wk, <[email protected]> -hm
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