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Re: verizon atm outage

  • From: Alex Rubenstein
  • Date: Fri Aug 17 22:26:22 2001


Out of about 350 PVCs on an OC3 in to the Newark ATM switch cluster, we're
seeing four circuits down; could be considered normal..

We're not seeing any additional loss or latency at this point.

On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Robert Boyle wrote:

> At 08:11 PM 8/17/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> >verizon techs are encountering problems with equiptment in the entire
> >mid-atlantic region.  ADSL outages are expected, and may last several
> >hours each.  they will be rolling outages, rather than blanketing the
> >entire former BA territory at once.
> >
> >i didn't get a lot of details from the 5 different people in 3
> >different departments that i talked to, but it sounded gnarly and
> >everyone was sounding very pessimistic.
> >
> >i gathered that there was some routine maintainance that turned into
> >this widespread outage.  they expect areas to be going up and down for
> >"the entire weekend."  one tech told me to advise my customers to
> >reset their modems before attempting to connect again, but he couldn't
> >explain to me what was going on.
> >
> >fun fun fun.
> >
> >anyone else hear a different story?
> This is the official notice. It isn't supposed to start for another 3
> hours, but we have been seeing periodic bouncing on about 30-40 customer T1
> lines.
> 8/18/2001 - Verizon has notified us of scheduled network outage: "
> allow the upgrade of the Frame Relay CBX-9000/500 switches in the Atlantic
> Coastal LATA of New Jersey. The planned upgrade being instituted will bring
> extended functionality and ensure a more robust network through deployment
> of new software and hardware revisions. This upgrade will take place on
> August 18th, 2001. All work directly affecting customer circuits is
> scheduled to begin no earlier than midnight and end no later than seven AM.
> Please be aware that while the upgrade is taking place, you may experience
> sporadic PVC interruptions due to rerouting, on your frame relay circuits
> in this LATA. The scheduled window for circuits to be down is four hours.
> Your circuits may be down for all or part of this four hour window." As
> always, Tellurian's NOC will be monitoring circuits and opening tickets if
> any customer's service is not restored by 7AM as promised by Verizon.
> All our Verizon Frame Relay and ATM circuits are ok at this time.
> -Robert
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