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Re: Internet traffic analysis

  • From: k claffy
  • Date: Thu Aug 16 20:23:57 2001

  FWIW, this study claims backbone traffic in the US is doubling every six 
  (We've reached the day when PowerPoint and press release constitute a 
  scientific study.)

i saw this one yesterday and was ... uh ... intrigued
does anyone have any idea what data they used?
('top 19 carrier...')

i almost posted it to nanog but questioned
the operational relevance of numbers
that are not differentiated methodologically
from those generated by rand();

[and as such i probably shouldn't responding
to this post...]

actually i saw the story here:,2198,3531_866741,00.html

      	"We are also seeing that 50 percent of the traffic is being 
       	carried by four of the major ISPs," says Roberts. 
       	Those being AOL (NASDAQ:AOL), MSN, Earthlink, and SBC. 

i guess "19 NDA's, sorry, can't say more" 
comprises a methodology?  that's a nice deal he's got;
most of us can't get away w that...

       	Roberts' work represents the first hard data collected 
       	on Internet traffic since the U.S. National Science 
       	Foundation discontinued monitoring network statistics in 1996. 

hrrrm.... not sure i'm okay with that sentence...

	"But, based on what I've seen, the traffic should increase
	 every six months." 

whoa that's really going out on a limb...