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Re: wanted: wireless magic tricks (fwd)

  • From: Robert Mathews-ICICX
  • Date: Thu Aug 16 13:03:52 2001
  • Country: = United States of America =
  • Verified-originator: Prof. Robert Mathews

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Cerqua, Toby wrote:

> hey all,
> we've got a client that wants some crazy stuff, and i need either
> suggestions or confirmation that this is impossible/too expensive.
> client needs 45Mbps pushed over 20 miles... and he wants it wireless. the
> kicker is that they don't want a T3 because it is "too expensive" and it
> would take too long to get installed. it doesn't need to be constant, but he
> wants to move of 2.5GB within 45 minutes. this is in the chicago area, if
> that helps any. so, i don't know, satellite?
>  - toby


Quick and dirty answer...  if they cannot stand the cost of a DS3,
it is worth considering that satellite costs might not be 'that much'
cheaper...  of course, price point, serivce vendor investigations

But, something to think about is line of sight Microwave.. you could
potentially push the requisite sum of bits across such a link if you use a
good Tx-Rx frequency and is weather (rain etc.) is not a large
consideration.  Here too you have to consider: is TERM/length of service
need with the overall COST... frequency spectrum allocation and management
issues in the area etc.

But, as you suggest -- if your intent is to convince the client that this
is not doable (impossible/too expensive as you put it), I am sure you can
find enough reasons!  :)