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RE: wanted: wireless magic tricks

  • From: Dennis Dayman
  • Date: Thu Aug 16 12:43:29 2001

> i don't know, satellite?

Satellite (Starband, Direct TV) aren't a choice in this matter.  The
StarBand Internet service is currently being provided over one of two
different satellites, depending on your location: Either the GE-4
satellite located at 101° west longitude (W.L.) or the Telstar 7
satellite located at 129° W.L. 

Speeds will often reach 500 kbps with targeted peak time speeds in
excess of 150 kbps. StarBand's current upload speeds range between 40
and 60 kbps. Peak time is weekday evenings and they are down constantly.

Now I know GILAT has some sort of business SAT package, but I'm not sure
what it cost and what is involved with speeds.  If you friend doesn’t
mind a 24,000 foot up and a 24,000 foot down latency then maybe he could
call GILAT.

> client needs 45Mbps pushed over 20 miles... and he wants it 
> wireless. the kicker is that they don't want a T3 because it 
> is "too expensive" and it would take too long to get 
> installed. it doesn't need to be constant, but he wants to 
> move of 2.5GB within 45 minutes. this is in the Chicago area, 

In this 20 miles does he have Line of Sight (LOS)?  A wireless protocol,
Mag Grid antenna, and an .5-1.0 WATT amplifier could do the trick.  But
he needs to watch his DB levels so if he does use the 1.0 WATT AMP he
doesn't go over the un-licensed FCC spectrum.

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